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If there ever comes a time when you are around this guy, you just might find yourself as the theme of or catalyst for one of his next songs… well…sort of. You see, as a writer, D. Holman, has the ‘dead-on’ uncanny ability to take any experience, subject, feeling, or thought (no matter who they belong to), and cleverly craft them into prolific, rhythmically and emotionally charged syncopated words that envelop whatever is going on around him. He’s so good at it, in fact, his music industry name “Topic” or “Topic626” was actually bestowed upon him very early on.

Topic’s life began in California. First in West Los Angeles, with his next evolution taking place throughout his adolescent years in West Covina Ca. The yin and yang lifestyle of religious-based principles instilled by his mother and hard knock life experiences learned from his father, helped lay this universal rap artist’s practical and philosophical musical foundation. Topic says, “Based on my upbringing this is what you hear in my music; I write life.”

Although his road did eventually reach his destination, Topic, had his own share of problems while becoming the proverbial crème that rises to the top. “After achieving the ultimate goal, which I thought was a (record) deal, not having a full capacity of understanding the business… despite me gaining momentum, I was still stuck in limbo.” So, like that, he retreated from the rap game just as he was getting massive buzz from his classic 2007 street album “The Coast Guard.” With no cash flow coming in, Topic, started back ‘street hustling’ to stay afloat financially. Still signed to his record deal, but refusing to contribute any new material, he wanted out. Topic, didn’t know what the outcome would be. Eventually, he was released, and began recording, writing, and producing through his own independent label, “Perpetual Recordings, LLC.”

Topic626 says his artistry creates balance at a time when partying is the functionality of the day. “I’m the person you listen to when real life happens, day-to-day hustle, when you’re not in the club…when tragedy strikes, when joy and happiness comes… that‘s what my music is for.”

To date, he’s managed to create thirteen street albums, while lending his “real life” perspective to a plethora of projects. His reputation has garnered him work with various artists (Snoop Dogg, Akon, Kendrick Lamar, Trey Songz, The Game, Crooked I, Jay Rock, David Banner and Jagged Edge) and producers (Theron Neffu Feemster, M16, Terrace Martin, Bink, Jelly Roll, JR Rotem, J P Bangz and David Banner). * Expect Topic to touch you through his music for years to come. His latest effort The Coast Guard “201”, will be released on his independent label “Perpetual Recordings”

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